Does the adjustable phone clamp fit all sizes of phones?
The phone clamp fits almost all sizes of phones including iPhone 6s Plus in OtterBox. If you own a smaller phone like an iPhone 4, you should make sure to place a cover over your phone before using our adjustable phone clamp

Is the adjustable phone clamp Magnetic?
No, the adjustable phone clamp is Non-magnetic. It’s specifically designed to attach/detach from the SELF-V Fairway Headcover’s built-in camera mount without using magnets.

What initial steps should I take to ensure that the product setup goes smoothly?
Your first step should always be to place your new SELF-V Fairway Headcover on your existing fairway metal. Always use your free hand to provide extra support to the headcover before any action

Will the SELF-V Fairway Headcover fit on my Driver?
No, the SELF-V Fairway Headcover is designed to fit on your fairway metal only.

I'm having trouble unlocking the adjustable phone clamp from the headcover, is there a specific technique I need to use to make things easier?
There is a bit of touch involved in unlocking the adjustable phone clamp from the headcover’s built-in camera mount. You need to push down very firmly on the unlock latch with your thumb and pull away from the headcover in a fluid motion.

Will this product work if I own a Staff Bag, or is it best utilized with Stand Bags only?
The product is best suited for Stand Bags only, but we do have many customers who have used the product with their Staff Bags, including some of our professional Brand Ambassadors.

How does this product hold up in windy and rainy conditions?
The SELF-V Fairway Headcover remains stable in the windiest of conditions, especially compared to competing products.

Does this product work at indoor or matted driving ranges where there are no grass tees available?
Yes, the SELF-V Fairway Headcover is both convenient and well suited for indoor or matted driving ranges where there are no grass tees available.

Is it safe to travel with my SELF-V Fairway Headcover?
Yes, this product is safe for travel, but we do suggest that you pack the product in your carry on luggage when flying.

What happens if I accidentally drop and break my phone on the ground while I'm filming my own swing with the SELF-V Fairway Headcover?
We are not responsible for any damage to your phone that may incur if dropped.

Should I leave the adjustable phone clamp attached to my SELF-V Fairway Headcover even when I'm not using it to record my swing?
No, you do not need to leave it attached. The adjustable phone clamp is meant to be placed in your pocket or golf bag when not in use.

Why isn't this product available for my Driver?
The product works best as a fairway headcover because most golfers film themselves while hitting their Driver or Irons. Therefore, it’s usually one’s fairway metal that remains in the bag most often, providing the ideal surface area for using the SELF-V Fairway Headcover for camera mounting purposes.
The adjustable phone clamp won't snap onto the headcover properly, what should I do?
For best results, twist the headcover’s built-in camera mount so the slot openings are positioned vertically. Then, take a close look at the back of the adjustable phone clamp, and carefully align the small hook to the lower camera mount slot opening. Now align the larger hook to the other slot opening. An audible “Snap” confirms secure lock.